Continutul DVD-ului Afaceri pe Internet

O lista completa a tuturor materialelor inscrise pe CD-ul  ar fi foarte greu de facut deoarece, in afara de cartile electronice prezentate, am inscriptionat sute de pagini web, cursuri, articole si tutoriale, etc.
In total, pe DVD sunt peste 5 Gb de informatie.
Daca ar trebui sa printati toate aceste materiale ar iesi peste 100,000 de pagini tiparite – nu am facut un calcul exact :))

1. 65 de Carti electronice in limba romana

“7 pacate capitale ale promovarii prin Google Adwords”
“10 sfaturi juridice in comertul electronic”
” 10 Sfaturi – Cum sa iti promovezi softul online cu buget minim” de Adriana Iordan
“30 de zile pentru succesul online”

“Analiza web” de Bogdan Pantoc
“Analiza SEO a unui website”
“Bazele comertului electronic”
” Cautarea_informatiilor_pe Internet”
“Corporate Blogging” de Alex Cristache
“Cum sa fii cu 20% mai eficient in 4 saptamani”
” Curs complet de comert electronic”
“Castiga bani din blog” de Tudor Mateescu
“Comunicare manageriala” de  Adrian Sonea
“Comunicatii digitale si analogice”
“Cum cumparam prin Internet” de Florin Silea
“Cum transformi vizitatorii in cumparatori”
“Cum sa va indexati cartea” de John Vickers
“Cum sa devii o persoana  cu influenta” de John C. Maxwell
” Cum_si_cand_a_aparut Internetul”
“Despre Google PageRank”
” Dezvolta liderul din tine” de John C. Maxwell
“Dictionar informatica”
“eBook Marketing”
“Ghidul afacerilor pe Internet”
“Google Page Rank – Secrete dezvaluite” de Radu Ciocan
“Ghidul de iniţiere Google privind optimizarea pentru motoarele de căutare ”
“Imagine si comunicare in afaceri”
” Imaginea online a unei companii – Cum sa interactionezi si sa iti ingrijesti reputatia online” de Adriana Iordan
“Intreprinzatorul si ideea de afaceri”
“Introducere in comertul electronic” de Bogdan Manolea
” Introducere in PHP”
“Invata cum sa-ti promovezi situl pe Internetul romanesc”  de Horia Matei
” Legislatia IMM urilor Notiuni de drept comercial si de drept”
” Lege Dreptului de autor”
“Managementul proiectelor”
” Managementul deciziei in afaceri”
” Manipularea in negocieri”
” Manipulati si evitati sa fiti manipulat”
“Manual de management”
“Manual de marketing”
“Medierea conflictelor”
“Marketingul – premisa succesului in afaceri” de Luminita Nicolescu
” Metode de a atrage vizitatorii”
” Medii de afaceri in Romania” de Cosmin Joldes
“Nascut pentru succes” de Colin Turner
” Planul_de_Afaceri”
” Pregatirea si gestionarea afacerilor” de Ovidiu Nicolescu
“Publicitatea – mijloc de comunicare”
“Puterea magnetica a Internetului” de Silviu Radu
” Retele-sociale-Facebook-Twitter-LinkedIn-Cum-sa.-Prezentare-pas-cu-pas” de Olivian Breda
” Reclamele online ca mecanism de promovare” de Liviu Lica
“Secretele succesului online” de Silviu Radu
“Sfaturile expertilor – 4 experti in Internet Marketing iti dezvaluie secretele afacerilor online” de Silviu Radu
“Social media pentru afaceri”
“Succesul in viata”
“Suportul juridic si administrativ al afacerilor in Romania”
“Tehnici_de_promovare_in_afaceri” de Alexandra Zbuchea
“Tehnici de negociere” de Mircea Nita
“”Tehnici de negociere si comunicare in afaceri”
“Totul despre Google”
” Usability in 30 de puncte”



  • 101 High Profit Business you can start online with little or No money by Terry Dean
  • 108 Ways to build an outstanding online business by David Cross
  • 13 Hot Internet Moneymaking Methods by Ed Simpson
  • 164 Ways to attract customers and make money with your website by Randy Ramsey
  • How to increase your website sales by up to 1700% or more in only 17 days or less by Jerome Chapman
  • How to make up to 700 dollars or more on the Internet in only 7 days or less by Jerrome Chapman
  • 300 best selling reports
  • 7 Secrets to unlimited Internet profits (Start your own Internet information business today)
  • 169 “How To” business techniques by Bobbie Moore
  • Secrets of business in the new millenium (A complete guide to running a business easily & inexpensively using the net) by Merle
  • Internet Marketing cashflow by Terry Dean
  • Internet Cash Machine (A simple 4 step system people are using to generate automatic wealth on the Internet) by Internet Warriors
  • Finding your dreams online by Lynne Schlumpf
  • Advertising, marketing and promoting by Dr. Kevin Nunley
  • Beginner’s guide to E-business (The fist steps to doing business online) by Joe Ebner
  • Why you have to accept credit at your site by ASC Network
  • Idiots guide to e-commerce (E-commerce explained in plain English) by Robert J. Kuntz
  • Ingredients for success! (A mixture of marketing knowledge) by Pam Renovato
  • 115 Internet marketing tips by Anthony Stilwell
  • The Inter-Network Marketer’s manual (A step by step guide to online marketing sucess)
  • Million dolar marketing (Uncover the secrets of free publicity) by Paul Hortinian
  • E-business secrets by Rao Vishal
  • Searh engine tactics (How to submit your site and come up first in search engine) by Bodhi Tree
  • Targeted direct e-mail marketing (How to advertise your products and services with direct email) by Pamela Schieve
  • Your own Internet business by Joe Robson
  • Important business ideas by Ryanna Hope
  • Get dynamic web knowledge! by Robert Foot
  • Home business news by Ed Simpson
  • How to choose a home based business by Kevin Sinclair
  • 7 Steps to quickly and easily creating instant Internet profits by Yanick Silver
  • Step by step to a simple, usable Internet marketing system by C. Tucker
  • Advanced marketing resources free link ( KISS series E-guides)
  • The greatest marketing secrets of the ages
  • The true about making money by Raul Nunes
  • The money making secrets
  • How to avoid this 7,000 USD mistake by Mark Howell
  • The secret to getting rich by Matt Gaffney
  • Strategies for success by Michael E. Angier
  • Small business guide (A comprehensive guide to help you start, operate and succed in a business of your own) by Meir LirazWebdesign
  • The 10 commandments of power positioning ( Magical marketing strategies) by Michael Fortin
  • 1000 Internet marketing tips, tactics and secrets by Larry Dotson
  • The 25 best marketing and promotion article by Dirk Dupon
  • How to Earn a Full-Time Living Online In 2 Easy Steps by Jimmy D. Brown
  • 50 Mega Hot web site promotion strategies by InfoBiz2000
  • 52 Sure ways to improve your online business by Larry Dotson
  • 7 Secrets to unlimited traffic by Allen Says
  • Advertising for profits (The “Do’s” and “Dont’s” of Internet classified advertising) by Tom Cammack
  • A start-up guide for serious netpreneur (Affiliate marketing 101) by Wayne and Kim L.T. Porter
  • Autoresponder Magic ( The ultimate collection of winning autoresponder messages to put your web site on autopilot) by Michael Fortin
  • Amazing marketing tactics by Jimmy D. Brown
  • Banner design tactics
  • Email beyond the basics (A complete guide to promoting your business with email)
  • The Bizsuccess Book by Gary Lockwood
  • Building a winning web site by Robert W. Bly
  • Rank at the top of search engines
  • How to make your ads pull like crazy by Mark Hendricks
  • The Internet ads writing tips by Chuck Crawley
  • 101 Ebay Sell Secrets Revealed by Tim Campbell
  • Ezine advertising by Pamela Heywood
  • Double eagle marketing
  • E-zines – A complete guide to publishing
  • A complete guide to getting the most from FFA link pages
  • Your insider guide to the best free advertising sources
  • Search engine Gold
  • Email beyond the basics
  • Unlimited traffic by Terry Dean
  • Ultimate ezine promoter
  • EzyAds’- Free Ads in over 60 Ezines
  • A beginners guide to start a high income business on Internet
  • Handbook of ezine publishing by Kate Schulz
  • Internet marketing power tips by Larry Dotson
  • Internet marketing secrets by Robert Imbriale
  • How to set-up, host, advertise and maintain a web site using all free services (An interactive guide)
  • The free basic internet marketing course
  • Classified ads magic secrets by Jo Raynor
  • “Magic Letters” – How to write so people buy by Allen Says
  • “Magic Letters” that create millions in profit by Allen Says
  • Info product master course by Ken Evoy
  • Free webmaster resources by Merle
  • Discover how to write killer ads by Michael Corcoran
  • Marketing warrior tips
  • Selling on the web
  • The netwriting master course by Ken Evoy
  • Small business marketing power tips by Tom Scott
  • 21 proven laws of sales copy by Johnson Rokosu
  • Practical sales blaze
  • YAHOO! Secrets revealed
  • Internet marketing, secrets of success
  • Website and ezine promotion
  • Superior marketing tools & tactics
  • Search engine tactics
  • 1001 Newbie friendly tips by Bob Mc Elwain
  • Scientific advertising on the Internet by Claude Hopkins
  • How to start your own traffic virus
  • How to drive thousands of visitors to your site every day
  • Ultimate marketing guide by Eva Almeida
  • Demystifyng viral marketing by Ralph Wilson
  • Webdesign in 7 days by Siamak Sarmady
  • Web marketing basics by Ralph Wilson

      6.3. E-books

  • 57 ebook articles (The starting place for ebook writers and publishers)
  • eBooks N’Bytes Resource eBook by Eva Almeida
  • Ebook Submitter by
  • How to Start a Highly Profitable Internet Publishing Business – using free and low-cost software by P J Chandler
  • Ebooks-A complete guide to self publishing by Shelley Lowery
  • The information freeway
  • The supertips book of Internet marketing
  • E-book marketing explained by Chayden A. Bates
  • A cheap and easy guide to self-publishing eBooks

Cursuri despre calculatoare

Ce se ascunde sub carcasa unui calculator
Curs de depanare si modernizare PC
Intretinerea calculatorului

Cursuri despre posta electronica
Securitatea postei electronice
Outlook Express
Atasamente la email

C.    Cursuri Word

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